Sometimes the biggest challenge is figuring out what questions to ask!

SEMESTER 9 offers one-on-one guidance for everything from organizing and developing your portfolio to feedback on your first "real-world" design projects.

A 30-minute conversation with a Semester 9 mentor can help bring things into focus, identify areas that need attention, and provide concrete direction for next steps.


Conceptual Feedback

Whether your are struggling with a page layout or a set of logo concepts, an impartial but experienced set of eyes can really help you see things in a new light and move your efforts further down the field in the right direction.

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Technical HELP

Most of the available design and design-related software provides about 500 different ways to "skin a cat." We aren't technical gurus, but we can help you set up those maddening tables and bullets in InDesign!

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Navigating Career Options

It's no coincidence that one of the largest job posting sites on the web is called "Monster." We can help you dig into your own interests, skills and aspirations so that your job search becomes more targeted. And our portfolio development service can help your efforts have more direct, corresponding impact.

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Resources for New Designers

“Molly’s expertise is invaluable. Her natural gift for mentoring and building confidence in young designers is something I’ve been so fortunate to experience first hand both in the classroom and post graduation. As college drew to an end, developing my résumé and portfolio, as well as finding a design job, were daunting tasks. Without fail, Molly provided excellent constructive criticism while always remaining professional and supportive through the countless draft revisions and questions. She helped me discern my strengths and eventually produce polished personal branding and portfolio pieces that resulted in a job. Each interaction with her is crucially beneficial, even now as I start out in my career, she continues to offer just the right encouragement and advice. Working with Molly is truly something to be treasured.”
— Grace M., Spring '17 graduate